Hello! First of all, thank you for visit my website.



My name is Xabi del Rio, I'm a spanish photographer based in Bilbao (Spain),

currently in Barcelona (Spain).

I usually shoot lifestyle and outdoor portraits, but I'm also a fashion, studio and wedding photographer.


My goal is to show you my best on that people in front of my camera when I shot.


Actually I live in Bilbao (Spain), but I can travel for projects around the globe.



I have been published on sites like:


           · Portrait Page.

           · Instagramskilla.

           · AOVPortraits.

           · Pulsefilm.

           · Arizona Vintage. (work 6 months as photographer / retoucher)


For any work or inquirie you can contact with me at:


           · Instagram: @xabidelrio

           · Facebook: www.facebook.com/xabidelriopavanes1


           You can also drop me an email at contacto@xabidelrio.com




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